How to choose the right jewelry?

Jewelry-a universal version of jewelry that allows you to complement the image, to focus on its individual details and not to spend a lot of money. But jewelry you need to choose carefully, otherwise, she could argue with the way it's meant depriving gloss.

Selection of jewelry by color scheme

The first thing that catches the eye in the image is its integrity within the color scheme and style. It is from the basis of the image, dress or combination top/bottom, it is necessary to start, picking up jewelry to the outfit. The rules are very simple:

• availability of prints, bright strips of cloth and a complex pattern requires concise form and color of jewelry;

* plain things, simple in silhouette, can be supplemented with large decorations with colored stones and textured elements;

* use matching colors.

To find the jewelry matching the outfit color to help you can take a color wheel. Find the tone of your dress or suit, opposite it will be located shade that best combines with the selected.

Selection of jewelry by color type of appearance

You can pick up jewelry, starting from its own color type. Having listened to this recommendation, keep in mind that the tips and rules regarding the color scheme, apply not only to jewelry, but also to the rest of the elements of the image:

* girls of the winter type with light skin, dark hair and expressive eyes can turn their eyes to jewelry made of Golden metals with stones of pink and black color;

* ladies like "autumn" can safely give preference to necklaces cold blue, deep blue and necklaces in warm colors of green, such as olive;

* girls of color type "summer" with pale skin and light brown hair shades can opt for decorations of all tones of the red spectrum, ranging from deep Burgundy to light pink;

• light-skinned and fair-haired girl spring type can emphasize their strengths, preferring jewelry refreshing shades such as green and yellow.

How to pick up jewelry on the neckline of the dress?

Having decided on the color scheme, you should pay attention to the length of the chain and the overall design of the necklace. Incorrectly selected decoration on the neck can make the whole image faded or overload it with accents and details.

1. V-neck dress. The geometry of dresses and blouses of this style suggests an emphasis on the chest, while the neckline does not necessarily have to be open. Worthy frame cut will be a thin chain with a small pendant in the appendage. Jewelry will repeat its strict geometric shape and will not overload the image as a whole. Long chains and massive jewelry should be left for other outfits.

2. Boat neckline. Under this cutout suit jewelry of different plans, everything will depend on its depth. The principle of choosing jewelry is simple: the lower the depth of the neck, the more massive can be decoration. But keep in mind, dresses with a high neckline, covering the collarbone, and with a bare back, do not add necklaces and chains. Are permissible only graceful earrings, ring, or bracelet.

3. Deep neckline. Cutouts and styles of dresses that expose the upper part of the chest, all attention is drawn to her. For this reason, complement the deep neckline jewelry is not necessary. But if you want to do it, choose a necklace under the neck or jewelry on a chain, the length of which does not exceed 40 cm Jewelry should be the most elegant and unobtrusive design, appropriate necklaces to match the dress.

4. Closed neck. Dresses with a high neck or turtlenecks require jewelry if you want to make the image more vivid. Will be appropriate long chain jewelry and may with a massive parts of geometric or floral ornament.

Combination of textures

The thin and elegant fabric of the dress or the presence of lace in the outfit require an equally elegant addition in the form of decoration. Motives and forms can be any, but the materials and design of jewelry should be refined.

For the dresses of coarse cloth, knitted sweaters and sweatshirts from a dense knit perfect massive big jewelry, preferably textured. If you want them to look cheap, give preference to jewelry made of natural materials: leather of various embossing, cords and wood.

Jewelry and face shape

Placing accents in the image with the help of earrings, in addition to the style and color scheme, you need to take into account the shape of the face. Improper jewelry can exacerbate undesirable traits.

For example, to the face of a round shape is to pick up elongated jewelry that visually pull it. To balance the broad forehead and cheekbones will help hanging massive earrings. They will expand the lower part and visually correct the face. The correct oval will suit jewelry of any shape, but the best will look round large earrings.